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This status page shows whether my servers and services (Ken's Study Journey, Planner and Newsletter) are running normally.

I pay my maximum effort to keep my services running and reduce outages and interruptions. However, I cannot guarantee that my services run 100% correctly.

For bugs and other issues, please see update logs.

If you are experiencing bugs and issues, you can report them by contacting me.

  All Systems Operational

In the Last 365 Days

Uptime: 99.99%

Total Downtime: 9 hours 30 minutes

The "Uptime" displayed below are the status for the last 365 days.

Server Nodes

So far, I have 2 servers in total around the world, improving my website performance and stability for users in different locations.

CN01   Normal Uptime: 100%
UK01   Normal Uptime: 98.4%

Core Modules

HTTPS and HSTS   Normal Uptime: 100%
Cookies banner   Normal Uptime: 100%
Dark Mode   Normal Uptime: 100%
DNS and Load-balancer   Normal Uptime: 100%
Accessibility   Normal Uptime: 100%
Database   Normal Uptime: 99.5%
IPv6   Normal Uptime: 82.9%
HTTP Web Server   Normal Uptime: 100%

Ken’s Study Journey

Ken's Study Journey Website   Normal Uptime: 99.5%
Comment Form   Normal Uptime: 100%
Like/Dislike   Normal Uptime: 100%
Audio Articles   Normal Uptime: 100%
Articles   Normal Uptime: 100%

Ken’s Study Planner

Ken's Study Planner Website   Normal Uptime: 98%
Sign up Form (New Users)   Normal Uptime: 96.73%
Login Form   Normal Uptime: 100%
Daily Goals Checklist   Normal Uptime: 100%
Projects/Events Manager   Normal Uptime: 99.95%
Days Left Counter   Normal Uptime: 100%
Schedule and Lessons   Normal Uptime: 95%
Checklists   Normal Uptime: 100%

Email and Newsletter

Email System   Normal Uptime: 92%
Newsletter Subscription System   Normal Uptime: 92%
Subscription Form (New Users)   Normal Uptime: 77.5%

Scheduled Maintances

I have been using a new invented technology which does not majorly interrupt the services during maintenances. The services are only interrupted for less than 30 seconds.

There are no scheduled maintenances.

Past Incidents

The following shows the errors and outages in the past 14 days on my services.

Please wait patiently while I am addressing some technical issues.

All times listed below are in GMT+8 (China Standard Time) time zone.

19 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported today.

18 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported.

17 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported.

16 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported.

15 Aug. 2022

[Complete]Installing PHP Image Modules on Servers

Recently, I discovered a bug that some QR code images failed to load on my website. According to my investigation, the PHP server is missing some modules.

I will install the missing image modules. The installation process requires stopping servers. I will upgrade the servers by batch outside peak hours to avoid affecting services.

However, you will be redirected to other server nodes. The speed and performance may be degraded.

[Done] UK01: 15 Aug. 11:00 (GMT+8), 04:00 (GMT+1)

[Done] CN01: 15 Aug. 22:45 (GMT+8), 15:45 (GMT+1)

15 Aug. 2022 10:15 (GMT+8)

14 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported.

13 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported.

12 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported.

11 Aug. 2022

[Complete] Security Update: Disable 'root' User on Server Sides

Completed: I have successfully banned the 'root' account among my servers and completely changed the file permissions.

11 Aug. 2022 22:10 (GMT+8)

Scheduled: After reading an Internet security book, I made a decision to disable the 'root' user provided by the hosting provider to improve the security of my servers.
This maintenance will take only a few minutes. Users may be redirected to my other servers.

11 Aug. 2022 15:55 (GMT+8)

10 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported.

9 Aug. 2022

[Fixed] Webpage Error Popup Appears while using Schedule in Study Planner

Fixed: I have identified and fixed this issue. The popup no longer appears and you can use the Schedule feature normally.
9 Aug. 2022 07:42 (GMT+8)

Discovered: I have discovered that there is a repeated popup while using the schedule feature on Ken's Study Planner, especially when your today's schedule is empty.
9 Aug. 2022 07:30 (GMT+8)

8 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported.

7 Aug. 2022

[Fixed] Network Failure on UK01 Server

Fixed: I have investigated and successfully fixed this issue.
This is caused by the malfunction (over-blocking) of the server's security control (firewall), which has been re-configured.
However, because the UK01 server is under maintenance/upgrade, you will still be redirected to CN01 for several hours.
7 Aug. 2022 22:25 (GMT+8)

Discovered: I have discovered a problem on the network on my UK01 server - DNS Failure (SERVFAIL or Timeout).
I have temporarily redirected all users to my China Server (CN01). I am going to investigate and fix this issue.
7 Aug. 2022 21:45 (GMT+8)

[Complete] Changing Servers OS from Windows to Linux

The upgrade on all servers is now complete. Everything went back to normal. The previous Windows servers will be destroyed after my summer camp.

8 Aug. 2022 07:45 (GMT+8)

The upgrade on server CN01 is now complete.

However, due to some technical difficulties, the setup of the new UK01 server is incomplete. All users will be redirected to my China server (CN01) in the next several hours. Thanks for your patience.

7 Aug. 2022 21:40 (GMT+8)

I am going to change all servers from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu). The maintenance will take about 2 hours (19:00-21:00, GMT+8)

This will not affect the services normally. If you see 'Forbidden' or other errors, don't be panic and please refresh in a few minutes.

7 Aug. 2022 18:00 (GMT+8)

6 Aug. 2022

No incidents reported.